D$k ut2k4 maps ported to unreal 1 (old)

11 Jan

I used to be a member of D$K clan back in the days of ut and ut2k4  6 years ago  , and have many memories of playing matches and stuff at Dsm and TheDsk onslaught servers. over the years , dsk site  is no more , and  some point later due to issues with my ut2004 install being courupted  beyond repair , i deleted all my ut2004 cached and converted files ,

they were one of the first to make a “huge” scale onslaght map , dsk – gunshop , the map dsk-dense is specificly meaning full to me as back when it was made for ut that was one of the top favorate  maps. so i manages to find 4 dsk maps floating around , and imported them into unreal 1

Dm-dsk-dense – ported  fully!

Dm -dsk nursery – ported fully!


Temple of death ,  – staic meshes

Ctf medivel – static meshes.


the files are in my 227 server someplace and i need to track them down and post them.

I know the guy who made these maps , godmachine aka chuck ,so nobody should get pissed about content being taken and ported.he doesnt play anymore


this was ported in 2011 , and requires me to add links at a latter time


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