Samspawn – A Respawn Where Killed Mod For Coop

01 Jan

Samspawn is a mod i created to spawn players where they are killed ,Just like kinda in sam coop play .
the method i used here (inventoy) is used  to catch  the respawn on pickup , If your gametype wont support giveitem,  your screwed as of yet.
looking at this and one other persons work , im hesitant to post any thing here at all. This was writing about a year ago , and really hasn’t changed too much , The fact that is in 2 inventory items shows perhaps that i built it wrong , it could be a mutator and a  single pickup, but all my state-waiting bullshit( extrewmly important) has per-player vars., calling player properties every 5 ticks is not exactly wonderful either.
But it just works.
As it stands this mod will save a players position  if there are not
Falling,  Swimming , Flying  , or in a killzone/damagezone
, Factoring the nearest pathnodes , will save about every 20 seconds,
If they fall of whatever it will wait 5 second b4 tring to save there location again
this it key to what this does since falling off a cliff and hitting ground would other wise result it spawnin where you actully died. and cratering or being stuck.
The location , player id and player name is saved. and  exists for about 3 minutes or so  ,
Spawns every 20 seconds?
20 seconds /60= 3 saves per minute perplayer ,avg  players 4 max =  save actores if like 24 of so ,
save actors are static , and dont have any active code.
if you crash out , and rejoin it can spawn you where your were  ( if configured that way)
if you join the gamae and somone else if already playing , it can be setup to follow them at your first spawn.
saves are nonvolitile and are only limited by the lifespan of the hidden actor.
if i made this in 227 i would have made the life span user configable, but 225 thinks lifespan in a constant and wont ompile any thing that changes lifespan IIRC.
this is a block diagram of the original idea i cant find  the original drawing to revise it. basic ideas still stand
I removed shit and streamlined this AGAIN and am still not happy with it.
I cant sit here for hours and mess with it  over and over improving features.
I have many ideas and improvments that could be added to this when I have intrest to ,
-Proper ut support somhow,  currently it wont work asis in ut ,
-Respawn messages ,( they were there and were removed)
-Lives/credits like in original game.(This was tested and then removed)
-Making it only 1 pickup or using a seprate serveractor/mutator to track player savespots.
-Properyly using destroy calls to caught player death like relicsvengence does.
-hookinventory ? A ability to hook a list of giveitems onto the respawn checker.
But it works as is , so why mess with somthing thats not broken?
This mod kinda gets changes whenever I feel like it , So you can use it but mabye check back sometimes for random feature  updates.
Read the readme of whatever I called the included text file for install/usage  info.

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