Connection sucks (may 17 2010)

17 May

may 17 2010

for the last 3 day my connection  here has been dieing for hours at a time for no apperent reason. It’s almost impossible to run the server and be possible to join. if the Server is up lucky you! , I give up tring to fix the issue as this time , it is isp related, and  not my router or network  im sure ,

IDK, I dont care , I think ill wait till this bull$hit Settles down  itill Then Server may be joinable on a unkown basis, I will keep the 227 server runnin localy , but  you may not awalys be possible to join.

in the meant time i will mabye   work on bccmut mod and  looking as some of MOd if i can localy.

IDK it pissing me off enougth that when my conenction dies 6 times in the middle of a competive game or downlaod of 4 mb , i just walk away from pc and do somthing else .yeah it that bad.


any way as another note the servers anre not seing many players so i may start limliting  there run time again , esp will this horser connection garbage is going on , idk



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